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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Using Katrina Dollars to pass Health Care Reform in the House

Knowing that his father was a prisoner of the communist North Vietnamese Army (NVA), I am shocked that Rep. Joseph Cao (LA-2) would support a government take over of our health care. But, politicians being politicians.... self-preservation remains their highest character trait.

Again, that Cao became a turncoat for conservatives is shocking, but in hindsight, was he doing this in a way of appeasement to the strong democrat district he serves and as a way to ensure Katrina Dollars kept rolling in at Stupid-Star GOP Governor Bobby Jindal's, also of LA, request?
Press Secretary Robert Gibbs urged Republicans on Wednesday to follow the advice of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who urged party members to start working more constructively with the president in passing health care legislation.

You think that is a stupid, far-fetched conclusion that Katrina dollars bought the health care vote? Then ask yourself this...
"Is it a coincidence that Gov. Bobby Jindal was sucking up to the administration's socialized health care plans, obviously for reasons related to Katrina dollars, and now Cao is the lone Republican to vote for it?"

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