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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Join the Boccieri Blitz!

The Motor City Madman -- Ted Nugent -- had the Ballroom Blitz.... our friends the Medina Tea Party Patriots are having a Boccieri Blitz!

From the Medina Tea Party Patriots --

Calling all Patriots! We are holding a “Save our Healthcare” rally at Boccieri’s office in Canton on Friday. This rally is in conjunction with other Tea Party Patriots’ events that will be talking place at local congressional offices nationwide.

Why Boccieri? He is one of Ohio’s MVPs (Most Vulnerable Politicians). As of right now, the latest Whip Count marks Boccieri as undecided. Some reports say that he is looking more favorably at the current proposal, even though he voted against the House version of the bill last November. All of this makes him a prime target for Pelosi, which means we need to turn up the heat.

Our plan of action: While we will be protesting outside Boccieri’s office, we plan to have individuals – one by one – enter Boccieri’s office and express their concerns about the current healthcare bill to his staff. Wouldn’t it be great if we had people continually entering his office for two hours straight?! This is why we need you there.

We will also have a “Boccieri phone blitz,” so bring your cell phone. While individuals from our group are meeting with staff, we can be calling his office from the sidewalk. We want to make sure that Boccieri and his staff understand that “We the People” do not want government-run healthcare.

Finally, we are in the process of trying to schedule an appointment with Boccieri, since he is visiting the district. If we are able to schedule a meeting with the congressman, we are not sure how many people his staff will allow to participate. (Sen. Voinovich’s office limited the number to 5.) Either way, we ask you to join us.
  • Date: Friday, March 12, 2010
  • Time: 12PM to 2PM
  • Location: Congressman John Boccieri’s District Office
  • Address: 300 W. Tuscarawas Street, Suite 716, Canton, OH 44702
What to bring: Signs for protesting, letters to give the Congressman and/or his staff, a cell phone to call Boccieri’s office or media, video camera and most importantly, all your concerned friends and family.

Is your healthcare freedom worth a few hours of your time? We are all tired. We are all frustrated. Do not lose focus now. It is critical that we turn up the heat. While we understand that many of you are busy, we implore you to do whatever it takes to be at Boccieri’s office this Friday in Canton to send a very clear message to our Ohio congressman.

Representative Michele Bachmann said it best, “While I realize this is asking a lot in the next two weeks to go and visit these congressional offices, it is actually a very small price to pay, when you consider that we’re on the precipice of losing the finest healthcare system that has been created…” (To listen to the entire interview, visit http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/ HotTeaRadio.) Please make it a priority to be part of this rally – let’s line the sidewalk and declare our healthcare freedom.

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