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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

GOP House Steering Committee Nominates Two Liberal Candidates for Chairs of Appropriations Committee & Energy and Commerce Committee

From TPP Facebook Page ---
Speaker Elect Boehner and the GOP House Steering Committee nominated the two most liberal candidates to serve as Chairmen of Appropriations (Harold Rogers (R-KY) and Energy and Commerce - Fred Upton (R-MI) Check out their voting records at the links below.

Harold Rogers (R-KY) Chairman of Appropriations Committee
Fred Upton (R-MI) Chairman of Energy and Commerce Committee

Speaker Elect Boehner can be contacted at: (202)225-6205

On November 29, Tea Party Patriots hosted a town hall discussing primarily the Energy and Commerce Committee and Appropriations Committee Chairs. On December 1st there was a follow-up call, which included the canidates for Republican Study Committee chairman who were unable to join the earlier call. If you missed either of these calls, click here to listen in or download the audio.

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