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Monday, March 5, 2012

Cleveland Tea Party Patriot Members Running for ORP State Central Committee

Because of the usual political chicanery of ORP Chairman Kevin DeWine ( #1 Fake Tea Party Candidate in Ohio) and with some candidates incorrectly claiming to be "Tea Party" candidates, we want to inform you the CTPP does not and will not endorse candidates.

Confusing the issue even more this year is a list of "supposed" Tea Party candidates or candidates that should be supported by the Tea Party groups in Ohio that has been put out by a conservative group without any input from the local Tea Party groups. 

This fabricated & self-serving list created by Jim Woods of McFan, and promoted by Tom Zawistowski of the Portage Tea Party, is nothing more than an individuals intellectually dishonest attempt to mislead Tea Party supporters into supporting non-Tea Party thinking candidates and to further Wood's chances of being elected to the SCC by snuggling up and looking for help from Team Kasich.  And Zawistowski's desire to gain contracts for his robo-call sham.

And in thinking they will get a "seat at the table" for helping Kasich, the OLC is also supportive of this questionable list - this is a huge mistake. Once gaining control - Kasich will kick them to the curb like yesterdays garbage.

While some are out there picking candidates based on what is good for either the DeWine Team or the Kasich Team, we will choose to be on the "We the People of good Government" Team. Going from one master to another is never a good thing

There are good Tea Party members across the state and in this region running in the ORP State Central Committee races. We encourage you to contact the local Tea Party in your area to verify any assertions of a candidate claiming to be a "Tea Party" candidate.

Though not an endorsement, we are proud to inform you several CTPP members and supporters are running for ORP State Central Committee --

SD # 21 (Male) - Joe Miller / http://www.joe4statecentral.com/
SD # 23 (Male) - Dave Morris / http://www.davidmorris.us/
SD # 25 (Male) - Ron Lisy / http://www.ronlisy.com/

Ron Lisy was endorsed by Buckeye Firearms.

We applaud these individuals for stepping up and taking on the ORP machine. The above list is not inclusive of all the Tea Party "supporting" candidates running for these seats. There are many good candidates and equally as many bad candidates trying to deceive you. Again, we urge you to contact your local Tea Party to verify any claims of so-called or self-anointed Tea Party candidates.

We cannot stress the importance of the elections for these seats enough. If you are tired having the "Party" anoint candidates for you, if you are sick of the continued political patronage of the ORP being put before good candidates and good legislation - this is where you can help stop it.

To find your State Senate District click here.

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