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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Let's Continue the Fight - Join the Road to Repeal of Obamacare

It was not too long ago that the nation and Tea Party groups were outraged when Obamacare was forced down our throats. The country was besides itself that our elected officials would pass an over 2000 page bill that would enact many new taxes and regulatory agencies without even reading it. 

Everyone vowed to continue the fight... everyone was thrilled to death over the lawsuits being filed against Obamacare -- there is no way we would stand for this -- right?

Well, it appears the collective "we would not stand for this" that once overwhelmed our country about Obamacare has subsided to a reluctant resignation of acceptance. 

What happened? Have you given up?  Have you quit?
Are you going to let Obama and the left win?

As many are already aware, the main goal of Obamacare was never about healthcare and was always about control of "We the People."  The recent attacks on our Religious Freedom are being driven through provisions in Obamacare.  Make no mistake and do not allow others to hijack the argument -- this attack has nothing to do with birth control and everything to do with infringing and controlling your God-Given and Constitutionally protected right of religious freedom.

This attack on our religious freedom is only one example of how Obamacare will be used, twisted, contorted and morphed into anything and everything to control your life under the guise of healthcare. If you want to stop Obamacare and attacks on our Constitution we again need to take action as we did when it was being rammed through Congress.

If you remember, it was only through your voices, actions, townhall meetings and trips to D.C. that slowed the passage of Obamacare. We have worked too hard and have too much to lose to quit now! 

The Surpeme Court will hear arguments against Obamacare -- 
"We the People" must again rise up and meet this Unconstitutional monstrsity head on!

Join Tea Party groups from across America on Saturday March 24th for the Tea Party Patriots Road to Repeal in D.C. as the Supreme Court starts hearing the arguments against the Constitutionality of Obamacare.

To sign up for a bus leaving out of Cleveland click here

Let's Finish the Fight for our Freedom!

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