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Monday, March 5, 2012

Ohio's #1 Fake Tea Party Candidate - Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine

With Super Tuesday and voting being tomorrow we wanted to highlight some of the candidates running in these all important Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee (SCC) races. This year there is a big fight for control of the Ohio Republican Party and the future of the party will be set in these races. 

Members of the ORP State Central Committee set the policy & platform for the Party. Also included in their duties is the endorsing of candidates and selecting the state party chairman. Each Senate District has 1 male and 1 female SCC member.  (For a list of CTPP members running for ORP State Central Committee, click here.)

The ORP State Central Committee races will allow us to restore some integrity which has been long lacking under the former ORP Chairman Bob Bennett and completely absent under the leadership of current ORP Chairman Kevin DeWine.

As always around election time, even though some like to think the Tea Party is dead, we see candidates falsely claiming to be Tea Party candidates. 

The biggest fraud and #1 fake Tea Party candidate for 2012 is none other than Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine himself!

Willing to do everything but sell his own mother to stay in control of the ORP, Chairman Kevin DeWine has resorted to highly unethical behavior to minimize competition for incumbent supporters of his on the ORP State Central Committee.  Chairman DeWine has also spent untold amounts of money to enable his supporters to also inaccurately claim they are Tea Party candidates through mailers and literature drops.

While Chairman DeWine is allowed to spend party money to support endorsed candidates, according to the FEC it shows he is surely not protecting the party money in a fiscally responsible way, in a transparent way and possibly not even in a legal way.  And we can throw in a little cronyism with individuals tied to former Statehouse scandals.

And of course we cannot forget how, through Chairman DeWines ally in the OH Senate, Senator Shannon Jones, introduced the train wreck bill from the start - SB5 / Issue 2 -  with the sole intent on giving the unions a victory in Ohio all in the name of Kevin DeWine keeping his job.

But should this type of behavior be surprising from Chairman DeWine's failed leadership and phony claims of being a Tea Party candidate - absolutely not, it is no different than he acted during the 2010 elections.

Leading up to the 2010 elections, Chairman DeWine arrogantly took all the credit for winning in Ohio and disregarded any Tea Party efforts in the 2010 successes as minimal at best. In fact, Chairman DeWine was anything but a "Tea Party" supporter with his threats and lied filled smears on candidates supported by the Tea Partys in Ohio.

To highlight just a few of the ways ORP Chairman Kevin DeWine embraced the Tea Party he claims to love would be by refusing to acknowledge Tea Party groups requests that an endorsement meeting for candidates not be held on 9/11 out of respect for this most sacred day in our country's history.

And of course we cannot forget the shameful episode of partisan musical chairs in the GOP primaries for statewide races during the 2010 election in which Chairman DeWine was too weak of a chairman to keep his RINO cousin, former US Senator Mike DeWine, in running for Ohio Attorney General.  Angering the Tea Party movement he claims to be a part of, how did Chairman Kevin DeWine react to this outrage? Well.... he called the police on Tea Party groups!  And in another another one of his episodes, Kevin DeWhine described Tea Party members as "liars and noisy distractions".

So using the same description we have for his partisan pal Secretary of State John Husted when he falsely claimed to be a "Tea Party" candidate, we have the same to say about ORP Chairman Kevin DeWine's claims to be a "Tea Party" candidate...  "the closest Kevin DeWine would ever come to being with the Tea Party is that he would have been Captain of the British ship in the Boston Harbor."

For too long, under former ORP Chairman Bob Bennett's tenure and under current ORP Chairman Kevin DeWine, the GOP in this state has dictated to the conservatives of this state what it will do and who will be the GOP candidates. It is time to send ORP Chairman and the ORP State Central Committee a message that it is "We the People" that will dictate to them.

No longer should the personal agendas, partisan vindictiveness, leadership failures and questionable behavior of Chairman Kevin DeWine be allowed to rule the Ohio Republican Party. 

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