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Sunday, August 25, 2013

How to delay Obamacare: “Stand up and win the argument.”

36 Days to Obamacare : If you have not yet signed the online petition Don’tFundIt, go here. You will receive an email to confirm that you intended to sign the petition. As of 5 pm on Sun., Aug. 25, there were over 551,500 signatures, and counting. (And scroll down on the petition website for status updates on which senators are for, against, or uncommitted; phone numbers there also!)

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Good news:

Ted Cruz doubles down on threat to defund Obamacare, proposes alternatives

Those of us who joined the tele-town hall a few weeks ago learned that Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Bridenstine (R-OK) had a plan to defund and delay Obamacare. It’s a long shot, but it’s a plan. And Tea Party Patriots are part of that plan. The Obamacare exchanges kick in on October 1, so it’s now or never. We can continue to pressure the Speaker of the House and his fellow foot-draggers by calling them, sending postcards, faxing them and pointing out the looming deadline and the urgency of defunding. Don’t be misled by reports that Cruz and Co. want to defund the government and Obamacare by failing to pass a Continuing Resolution on Oct. 1. No, what they are proposing is that the GOP–majority House pass a Continuing Resolution that funds everything (including stuff patriots would otherwise not want included) EXCEPT Obamacare.

Sen. Ted Cruz on Sunday doubled down on his call to arms in “defunding Obamacare,” even if Senate Democrats are highly unlikely to approve any short-term spending deal this September that impugns President Obama’s signature domestic achievement. 
Mr. Cruz, Texas Republican, said that if the GOP-controlled House could pass a continuing resolution that strips the Affordable Care Act of funding this September, a “grass-roots tsunami” of opposition to the health care law could force the Senate to relent.
The GOP, he told CNN, has to do something it hasn’t done in a long time: “Stand up and win the argument.” 
. . .On health care, Mr. Cruz said Mr. Obama’s law is a “job killer” that has forced businesses to drop coverage or shift workers to part-time status. He said these changes have an outsized effect on the most vulnerable, including minorities and single moms.
Rising to an oft-repeated challenge, Mr. Cruz offered three health care reforms that Republican[s] may support in lieu of Mr. Obama’ plan. 
He said that Americans should be allowed to build up health savings accounts in a tax-advantaged way, that health coverage should be “personal and portable” and divorced from employment, and that consumers should be allowed to purchase health insurance across state lines instead of quarantining policy options to the individual states.

Speaker Boehner’s details again:

Butler County Office  PH (513) 779-5400
Miami County Office PH (937) 339-1524
Clark County Office   PH (937) 322-1120

D.C. Office
PH  (202) 225-6205
FAX (202) 225-0704

And his mailbox (send postcards):
Speaker John Boehner
7969 Cincinnati-Dayton Road, Suite B
West Chester, OH 45069

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