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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Rubio Heckled at "Defending American Dream Summit" & Business Leaders Counting on GOP for Immigration Reform

Thinking he was in a safe environment in speaking at the Americans For Prosperity "Defending the American Dream Summit," when taking the stage, Senator Marco Rubio was heckled and booed for his support of weak immigration reform..... 
A small but loud group booed and heckled Florida Sen. Marco Rubio while he tried to give a speech at a conservative conference here Friday, a sign that his support for a bipartisan immigration bill has hurt him within some elements of the Republican Party.

“No Amnesty!” several people shouted when Rubio walked to the lectern at the Defending the American Dream Summit, an annual gathering of Republicans and conservatives organized by the advocacy group Americans for Prosperity. (More.....)
Besides Rubio rightly being booed for undermining the very voters that elected him, one has to wonder why this Koch Brothers event was named "Defending the American Dream Summit." 

With the Koch Brothers hosting pro-amnesty forums and having the Koch Brothers funded Cato Institute hypocritically claiming that an influx of illegal immigrants will help the economywhen in fact an influx of illegal immigrants will drive down current wages and will actually take jobs from Americans workers -- the AFP "Defending the American Dream Summit" could / should have been called "Undermining the American Dream Summit."

So while Rubio is being heckled and booed over his signature immigration reform bill (S. 744), business leaders are now counting on GOP Leadership in the House to deliver low wage workers that will take American jobs.... (emphasis added)
"We believe strongly that fixing the immigration system makes for a healthier American economy and must attract individuals from around the world," said Matt Sonnesyn, director of research for the Business Roundtable.

"We are making sure we have the labor force needed, especially in the service industries, so as the economy gets cooking, we're better able to maintain productivity."

He also is encouraged to see House lawmakers, especially those in leadership, consistently talking about need for a careful process. 

"They are talking about how to move it forward, not about how to kill it," he said. 
With a current unemployment rate of 7.4% and unemployment rates increasing in 28 states we do not need to import workers from around the world, there are plenty of unemployed and under employed Americans that can fill the labor force needed!

Make no mistake on the push for immigration reform -- the Democrats want it for votes and the establishment elite in the GOP are trying to deliver for their corporate donors that wish to drive down wages even further by undercutting American workers in exchange for illegal immigrants willing to take low paying jobs.

Contact Speaker Boehner, (202)225-0600, and tell him we do NOT support Rubio's Senate Comprehensive Immigration Bill (S744) and we do not want it in conference committee with any weak immigration bills crafted by the House!

And make sure to join grassroots groups from across Ohio as the stand together against Illegal Immigration in Speaker Boehner's District on Saturday Sept. 7th at the "Rally For America".

It is time to put the United States and American Citizen's first!  

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