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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Delay the Funding for Obamacare: preliminary report

Preliminary report on the Tele Town Hall - August 1, 2013

9:30PM - This evening, thousands of Tea Party Patriots got on a conference call with Senator Ted Cruz (TX), Congressman Jim Bridenstine (OK), and Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder, Jenny Beth Martin to strategize how Congressional GOP leaders plan to use the upcoming Continuing Resolution (needing renewal in 60 days) to DEFUND Obamacare -- and how WE will help them do it. This strategy will delay Obamacare until a repeal can be proposed. 

It was a wonderful conference call -- and inspiring to be part of the process. This is how government is supposed to work. Engaged congressional leaders with moral clarity and an energized and active citizenry - working together. August WILL be busy!

Full details will be relayed tomorrow, but for now, you will want to sign (and get everyone you know to sign) the online petition started by Sen. Ted Cruz. The link to his Ramparts page is here  and it in turn links to the Don'tFundIt.com website here. We'll be keeping this link visible throughout August -- and our plan is to be a part of veritable tsunami of phone calls, letters, office visits, and of course whatever you can contribute to Tea Party Patriots.

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