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Monday, August 5, 2013

56 Days Left to Delay Obamacare ~ Paul Ryan: What are you thinking?

If you have not yet signed the online petition Don’tFundIt, go here. You will receive an email to confirm that you intended to sign the petition. As of 6:45 pm on Monday, Aug. 5, there were over 202,400 signatures. We need to get that number into the millions.

According to the first paragraph in the Politico report below, Paul Ryan is already muddying the water

Hey Rep. Ryan: Sen. Ted Cruz’s plan to delay Obamacare is to NOT shut down the government but instead to pass the Continuing Resolution as long as funding for Obamacare is eliminated entirely. We might expect this sort of thing from the usual RINOs, but what a shame Paul Ryan is taking this position. Here’s the report at Politico:

The chairman of the House Budget Committee says there's a better way of repealing President Barack Obama's health care law than shutting down the government this fall — a path some Republican conservatives are backing. 
“We, all Republicans, want to repeal and replace Obamacare. … We’re having a debate about the best way of achieving that goal, the best strategy,” Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said Sunday on CBS News’s “Face the Nation.” 
Ryan, who was the GOP vice presidential nominee in 2012, pointed out that a government shutdown wouldn't impact entitlements, including Obamacare.“Rather than sort of-swinging for the fences and take this entire law out … I think there are more effective ways of achieving that goal,” Ryan said. “We think we can do better by delaying this law. … I think there is going to be a better strategy to actually achieve our goal of ultimately delaying and ultimately replacing Obamacare.”

Congress is on recess. Not too soon to start to call your congress critters. 

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