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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Governor Kasich Supporting Illegal Aliens at Expense of Ohio Citizens

For Immediate Release

August 5, 2014

Contact: Ralph King (440)465-1834

Governor Kasich Supporting Illegal Aliens at Expense of Ohio Citizens
Refuses to Resist Relocation of Illegals in Ohio

OHIO - With the current border crisis spinning out of control, and as waves of illegal immigrants continue to flood across our southern borders, an overwhelming majority of U.S. citizens believe these illegal border crossers should be returned to their countries of origin and not be relocated in cities across our country.

On July 21, 2014, the Governor of Ohio, John Kasich, received a letter from (40) forty conservative and liberty groups asking him to use his authority as Governor to prevent any forced relocation of illegal immigrants in Ohio; these groups reminded him that he was elected to represent the interests of Ohio citizens first.

To date, Governor Kasich has refused to respond.

His refusal stands in contrast to a growing number of Governors who are putting the well-being of their state citizens first and are speaking out against the secretive federal relocation efforts in their states. In his recent comments to the media, Governor Kasich not only refused to put Ohio citizens first - he effectively rolled out a welcome mat to the relocation of illegal immigrants to Ohio.

"Governor Kasich's refusal to respond and refusal to stand and put the well being of Ohio citizens first, is yet just another example of him failing our state and our citizens, stated Ralph King, Co-founder of the Cleveland Tea Party Patriots and Tea Party Patriots State Co-Coordinator for Ohio. "

"Governor Kasich's first duty is to the citizens of this state," continued King, "not the appeasement of President Obama and his failed border policies."

"We are a leaderless country, and now a leaderless state," stated Marianne Gasiecki, Founder of the Mansfield Tea Party and fellow State Coordinator. "It would appear, once again, that the federal coffers are more important than the citizens of this country and state."

Acknowledging the negative fiscal, social, educational and health impact the accepting of these illegal immigrants in our state will have on every day citizens, along with the impact it will have on local municipalities and school districts, Gasiecki & King both applaud the efforts of State Rep. John Adams & State Rep. Wes Retherford proposed legislation that will put the concerns of all Ohio citizens first.

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