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Friday, August 22, 2014

The solution to bureaucratic meddling in healthcare: more bureaucracy

Art credit: lonelyconservative.com

Ohio's range of welfare programs resembles a row of silos. Each caches valuable services. But each stands alone. Both for welfare clients and Ohio's budget managers, that kind of architecture guarantees problems.
Now, an Ohio Office of Human Services Innovation, recently created by the General Assembly and backed by Gov. John Kasich, will aim to "break down [those] silos" to coordinate service delivery. Leading the office will be Douglas Lumpkin, a highly experienced administrator who has run both the state and Franklin County's Job and Family Services departments.
So in order to get past the obstacles and inefficiencies produced by bloated and inefficient bureaucracies, the General Assembly and Gov. Kasich propose to create . . . . another level of bureaucracy.
Legislators and Gov. Kasich: why don’t you support and sign the Ohio Healthcare Compact? That would let Ohio decide for itself how best to delivery health care to Ohioans, without having to contend with onerous federal regulations and interference.

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