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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Cuyahoga County Council Candidate John Currid Calls on Sunny Simon to Prevent County Funds From Being Used For Federal Relocation of Illegal Immigrants

Cuyahoga County Council candidate for District 11, John Currid, has challenged the incumbent Sunny Simon to put the concerns and well being of Cuyahoga County citizens first by preventing any county funds or services being used to facilitate or support any attempts of the federal government to relocate illegal immigrants in Cuyahoga County.

Simon, who has previously stated that "she does not care how county spending will impact resident's lives," has yet to respond....

From Cuyahoga County Council Candidate John Currid --

Cuyahoga County Council nominee John J. Currid called on Councilwoman Sunny Simon to introduce legislation to prevent county funds or resources from being used to support federal relocation of illegal immigrants. He is concerned that the United States government would relocate illegal immigrants to Cuyahoga County in a similar fashion to what has been done in other areas. His concern is heightened by the fact that Cleveland has a Federal Immigration Court.

Mr. Currid recently sent Ms. Simon a letter calling on her to to introduce legislation that would prevent county funds from being appropriated to support illegal immigrants that would be relocated to Cuyahoga County by either the federal government or private “hosting/fostering” organizations. The proscription would include the use of any county resources, including personnel, for such purposes.

Currid stated: “The federal government has failed in its mission on the southern border, and that burden should not be shifted to states, counties, and cities. As the nominee to represent the people of the Eleventh District of Cuyahoga County, I feel a responsibility to ensure that the children, elderly, and families of this county are our first priority. I have asked the councilwoman to join me in this effort to immediately ensure the residents she was elected to represent are her number one priority as well.”

While the underlining issue is immigration, candidate Currid made it clear that his request of Ms. Simon comes from a broader concern about the use of limited resources, and the prioritization of the residents of Cuyahoga County over illegal immigrants. He believes that immigration is a federal issue, and one in which the county has no role. Unfortunately, in too many instances, the federal government transfers the financial burden of its failed policies to local and state governments. By being proactive and passing this legislation, Currid believes Cuyahoga County will be in front of an important issue, and will protect the use of the county’s limited resources for local county residents.

Currid believes, “diverting resources or funds away from needy children or families at this critical time would be both irresponsible and unacceptable.”

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County Council candidate for District 11 John Currid should be applauded for his speaking out, standing up and putting the citizens of Cuyahoga County first.

Now let's see what County Councilwoman Sunny Simon says! 

Is Simon willing to stand up for the citizens she was elected to represent? Or will Simon simply remain silent, giving tacit approval, of supporting and putting illegal immigrants over the Cuyahoga County citizens of District 11 she was elected to represent?

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