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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Steve King Owns "DREAMERS" / Rand Paul Runs Away [VIDEO]

Rep. Steve King owned these two DREAMERS who clearly do not understand, do not want to understand and do not respect the laws of our country. 

And it should be noted, as pointed out in Wayne's comments below - Senator Rand Paul slid away and abandoned King with the DREAMERS.

From Wayne Dupree --

Great job by GOP Rep. Steve King!

He was ambushed by two “DREAMERS” while eating during an event, along with GOP Sen. Rand Paul. The two shook hands with King and Paul, and then launched into their diatribe. Rand Paul melted away almost immediately, leaving King to deal with the two on his own. He held up very well. He calmly, politely listened to their statements and questions, and answered them all. They were hoping to embarrass him and get him to say or do something they could use against him. They didn’t get what they wanted!

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