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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

"Constituting America Hangout" today, October 28th at 6:15 pm Eastern

The support for the Health Care Compact (HCC) is quickly growing. Seeing the HCC is the only Constitutional way to defeat Obamacare, more and more Congressmen are signing on as co-sponsors at the federal level.  Ohio's Health Care Compact effort (HB 34) has now passed the Ohio House and is in the Ohio Senate Govt Oversight & Reform Committee.

At 6:15pm today actress and radio host Janine Turner and Health Care Compact founder Leo Linbeck III will be hosting an online event, "Constituting America Hangout" where you can get more info on the HCC, ask questions and spend time with fellow patriots working to defeat Obamacare.

From the folks at Health Care Compact:

This evening:  Constituting America Google Hangout with actress and radio host Janine Turner and Health Care Compact founder Leo Linbeck III. To accommodate the presidential debate the same evening, we've moved up the time to 6:15 pm Eastern (5:15 Central) tomorrow - Wednesday, October 28th
Please bring your questions and join us through this link, so you can learn more about the best chance we have to get rid of Obamacare and send health care decisions back to the states. 
In addition to sharing more about the progress of the Health Care Compact on Capitol Hill, Janine and Leo will tell you about steps you can take to ensure your own members get behind our efforts to move health care control out of Washington.
And in case you'd like a quick refresher, Janine published this outstanding column about the Health Care Compact in Friday's Washington Times. Janine has been a devoted champion of states' rights and the Constitution, and we are grateful to have her support.
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