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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Ohio Moves One Step Closer to Health Care Freedom: Health Care Compact

For Immediate Release 
Oct. 1, 2015
Contact: Diana Price
Ohio Moves One Step Closer
to True Health Care Freedom

Ohio - In passing the Health Care Compact ( HB 34) on Sept. 29, 2015,  the Ohio House took the initial steps to place the State of Ohio on a path to true health care freedom. In a 61-31 vote (7 not voting), the Ohio House set in motion the process of becoming a member state of the Health Care Compact.
The Health Care Compact would give member states the legislative and fiscal freedom to make health care truly reflective of the health care needs of their state and not a costly one-size-fits-all federal health care program (Affordable Care Act) that has proven to be a failure.
“For years, we have heard the complaints about the ACA. We have also seen attempt after attempt to repeal the ACA, but with no back-up plan. Ohio, along with several other states, has taken the lead to find a suitable replacement for the federal control of our healthcare system,” noted bill co-sponsor Rep. Wes Retherford (OH-51).
"By returning these dollars to the states, we can start working on state-by-state reforms that best serve our constituents. Ohioans are demanding actions, not just words, and today the Ohio House took that step,” Retherford said after the vote.

"Because it provides true health care freedom and allows Ohioans to break free from the freedom-sapping chains of Obamacare, the Health Care Compact is the only constitutional avenue for citizens to have a voice in their own health care decisions,” stated Tea Party Patriots State Coordinator Ralph King.

"Sponsors Rep. Wes Retherford (OH-51) & Rep. Terry Boose (OH-57), the many co-sponsors, Speaker Rosenberger, & all the Ohio House members voting in support of it should be applauded for using every constitutional means available to put what is best for Ohio first."

"Nine other states have already passed the Health Care Compact," King continued, “and we are looking forward to the Ohio Senate making Ohio the 10th state."

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