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Friday, June 24, 2016

Britain’s Independence Day

art credit: neogaf.com

From Breitbart

British voters chose to “leave” the European Union on Thursday, defying the polls — and President Barack Obama, who had urged Britain to “remain” in the EU. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had also urged Britain to stay in the EU. Only Donald Trump had backed the campaign to leave.

Republican strategists had panned Trump’s decision to travel to the UK in the midst of campaign turmoil, and in the wake of his blistering attack on Hillary Clinton earlier this week.

Now, however, it looks like a risk that paid off handsomely, in the currency of foreign policy credibility.
. . .
Hillary Clinton also backed a “remain” vote in April, with a senior policy adviser issuing a statement on her behalf:

Hillary Clinton believes that transatlantic cooperation is essential, and that cooperation is strongest when Europe is united. She has always valued a strong United Kingdom in a strong EU. And she values a strong British voice in the EU.

But my favorite headline is from one of my favorite columnists, James Delingpole, at Breitbart London:

We Did It! Britain’s Independence Day Is Here!

My take-away from his column: “The British people sensed the momentousness of the occasion — a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a real difference and shake the status quo by depriving the anti-democratic elite of their ill-gotten gains — and seized their chance.”

Read the rest of his column here.

If Great Britain can reclaim its sovereignty, so can America.
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