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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Dennis Miller's advice to Tea Party conservatives

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Most of us have been aghast at the rent-a-mob violence in e.g., San Diego and San Jose. The violence, whether organized by BLM, La Raza, or other Move.on mobs, is probably a preview of the RNC week in Cleveland in July. Dennis Miller’s FB message is making the rounds (h/t Gateway Pundit); if you will be taking part in any of the RNC proceedings in July, best save this for future reference:

Dennis Miller: If you’re going to a Trump event, attend in groups of five or six and make sure there’s a designated Go-Pro Camera Operator. When the peaceful NeverTrump faction starts threatening, spitting, throwing objects, tackling and punching you, someone must record it or journalists like David Brooks and politicians like the San Jose Mayor are going to insinuate your presence incited the violence. Hopefully, like cops wearing cameras, the visual evidence will clear you of the charge of causing the ass-beating you just received from the pacifists. Remember this the next time you go to a conservative event. Democratic leaders and #NeverTrumpers declared war on innocent conservative Americans. Be prepared and on alert.

And here’s Fauxcahontas herself endorsing the radical violence (via Conservative Treehouse). (Warning: after about three minutes of it, I had to turn it off.)

UPDATE: The video may be agitprop. Go to Treehouse to look at all the video contestants for Elizabeth Warren's Tweets.

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