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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Jihad attack in Orlando; media Fail

photo credit: truthrevolt.org

It’s a one-headline day. The Islamic terror attack in Orlando is horrific, and the attack is one of the few stories, IMHO, that justify wall-to-wall coverage on the media. But the TV coverage has been, what’s the word, abysmal. 

The crawl all day long on both CNN and Fox was about, not jihad, but the worst mass shooting in recent US history. The visuals all day long showed police cars and ambulances with flashing lights, and of course, President Obama’s address that failed to include the term “radical Islam” or “Islamist jihad.” Instead, our Commander-in-Chief babbled about guns and hate, all interspersed with platitudes. (Mr. Trump's statement on the Islamist terror attack is here.)

Honest coverage of this attack should focus, not on law enforcement agencies or gun control or LGBT issues, but on the military. This attack is just in another in a long line of attacks by radical Islamists, ISIS, whatever franchise name you choose. This attack, like all the others, is sanctioned by the official Islamic fatwas, declarations of war against Americans.

If jihad continues to be framed as a law enforcement problem, America will always be playing defense, and the result is predictable: there will be more and still more attacks. The attacks will never end until America recognizes that Islam has declared war against all American (and worldwide) infidels.

The TV visuals should not be images that reinforce impressions that jihad is a matter for law enforcement. The images should show ISIS training camps and previous jihad attacks, of which there is no shortage: the Boston Marathon, the Paris theater Bataclan, the San Bernardino bombers, Fort Hood, and all the others.

If America cannot name the enemy, it cannot fight the enemy. Political correctness kills. 

UPDATE Jun-13: By 9pm on Sunday evening, CNN was running a crawl describing the Orlando attack as "the worst terror attack since 9/11", while the crawl on Fox's Megyn Kelly's program was talking about gun control. 

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