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Monday, July 3, 2017

Captain Luis Avila salutes his Commander-in-Chief


Many Tea Party people watched President Trump’s tribute to our veterans on the weekend run-up to Independence Day. There was one moment during his speech that I had to re-watch, and it was the part when President Trump paid tribute to US Army Captain Luis Avila and his wife Claudia.

Captain Avila served several tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq and lost his leg in an IED attack. This man was not expected to survive. He remains largely paralyzed, he is in a wheelchair, but just watch this short video. He can barely move his body, and yet he struggles mightily to salute, to literally salute, his Commander-in-Chief, President Trump (at about 1:40) and to bow in acknowledgement. It brought tears to my eyes. He is one of many Americans who knows that we have a CiC who loves our country and honors our veterans who defend our way of life.

God Bless US Army Captain Luis Avila, his wife Claudia, and President Donald J. Trump.

And Happy Independence Day.
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