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Monday, July 3, 2017

Fake News Works

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Dave Merrick published a piece yesterday in the Canada Free Press on why “Fake News Works,” and it hits the nail on the head. The entire essay is here. Below are some extracts:

I have watched many lawyers imitate the following scenario when addressing a witness on the stand ... “Isn’t it true that you saw Mr. So-and-so get into his car and drive away after he committed the murder?” To which the opposing attorney will, if he is earning his wage, instantly respond, “OBJECTION! Counsel is leading the witness, your Honor! We don’t know that Mr. So-and-so committed any murder!” To which the examining attorney will just as instantly return with: “I withdraw the question, your Honor.” But the seed was planted, nonetheless. And that was all the attorney wanted to do. Jurors are impressionable - because they are people. He planted his seed to shape an opinion.
. . .
Professional politicians and their allies the liberal media . . . fully anticipate the naïveté, short attention spans and impressionability of their audiences, who no longer put forth any effort to make sure of anything (beyond perhaps doing an occasional appeal to an obviously left-leaning Snopes). (I encourage my readers to verify the accuracy of Snopes, especially “fact checker” Kim Lacapria).
YouTube is overflowing with video examples documenting liberal liars, starting with our former chief executive and including ‘news’ journalists, lying their heads off. Most people will never take the time to go looking for these mini-documentaries that only take a few minutes to review. [click here and scroll down for those videos] 
. . .
And lies distract us from the really important things that can destroy us as a nation.
The time that is wasted in a nation fumbling around with ‘scandals’ that don’t even exist is more time for the cancer of simple division and its festering rancor to continue in disintegrating what’s left of our unity and strength. As I have said many times, Donald Trump has got to be the single most slandered and berated president in all of American history. Everybody, from an outraged liberal media/ entertainment industry trying to regain its control - to nearly every second rate, has-been actor or musician pursuing a mother lode of free press - has of late climbed aboard the “I Hate Trump” train like sucker fishes hanging on a great white shark.
. . .
Now, finally, the authors of fake news are beginning to be exposed for what they are: sheep in wolves’ clothing who lie for a luxurious living.

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