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Friday, July 17, 2009

A letter from a Patriot

Today I got this email from a fellow Cleveland Tea Party Patriot. Read on my friends...

I am severely insulted.

I am insulted by the liberal members of congress and the people who put them there,
and by the mainstream media who diligently strives to keep them there. I am insulted by
our education system that refuses to educate students about the founding of our country
and its principles and values.

I am proud to say that I served my country at a time when it was needed most. Of three
and one half years of active duty, two years were spent in Viet Nam trying to control the
spread of communism. Now sixty-six million uninformed, misinformed, and/or just plain
stupid voters have put a communist in the White House. If this offends you, it’s just too
bad. You either drank the Kool – Aid or still have your head in the sand. And I am
insulted by it. Every veteran should be.

This country is headed for Hell in a hurry with an inexperienced, illegitimate buffoon at
the controls and it’s going to take a miracle to stop it and reverse its direction. We need
another American Revolution, but I’m too old to fight and I can’t shoot very straight any
more. The next revolution has to be civilized and non-violent. The next revolution has to
be at the polls. My suggestion is to vote out any incumbent, unless you are sure he or
she is on “our” side, the side of low taxes and limited government.

To prevent what happened at the last election, we must do our homework before the
vote is actually cast. If you don’t have the time to do the research, don’t vote. It’s not
your civic duty to vote. A very wise man once said “if you don’t know what you’re doing,
don’t do it”. Our president never proved his citizenship, never released his higher
education records, and never should have been a candidate.

And don’t rely on your friends and family members for information about the candidates.
They might have got the word form an “unfriendly” who wants the enemy elected. Never
listen to what the candidate promises. Both Hitler and Castro promised “change” and
were elected on that promise. And the change was bestowed upon them!.

If the candidate is an elected official, check his voting record. He must consistently vote
in favor of the constitution and the rule of law. If he's not already elected, he should be a
successful businessman, who has been responsible for his profit and loss. If he’s a
lawyer, or a union member, he’s probably not a good candidate.

As this paper is titled, this is strictly my opinion. Use this information as a guide. I don’t
think that the party you vote for matters much anymore, as long as the candidate knows
and respects the constitution and the values set forth by the founding fathers.

Thanks for reading this and letting me vent. If I sound frustrated, I am. I just think we
have to do something. I am not content to sit idly by and watch our federal leadership
break all the rules and have nobody try to stop it. We have a system of checks and
balances and nobody is watching the store. If they can’t be stopped, they must be

In the mean time, don’t be afraid to write your congress critters. Let them know what’s
on your mind. Even if you think they won’t read it, or don’t care what you think, keep the
pressure on. Some congressmen recently admitted they changed their vote because of
the flood of hate mail.

If you think this can help our cause, please forward it to everybody in your address
book. Maybe it will reach enough people to make a difference.

One very insulted Viet Nam veteran.

Are you insulted? I am. And if your not, you should be because your either brainwashed or not paying attention. The freemarket is crumbling, the government debt is unsustainable. Think of government debt as a ball and chain that's attached to every living, breathing American. Right now we are staggering to stay on our feet and if we go down, we ain't getting back up. And all the while, the government keeps spending and making a mockery of every tax paying American. They make the problems, and we pay for them. Only this time, not wanting to waste a good crisis, while your wearing balls and chains, they're eating every last morsel in your kitchen. WAKE UP AMERICA!

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