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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Name the Useless Political Aide Award Contest

Hello Patriots,

Thanks for taking part in this historical event - the first ever Cleveland Tea Party Patriot Award! As we all know there comes a time in a persons life where their accomplishments need to be recognized - and this we will do - but we need your help.

In our recent visit to Columbus we visted the offices of our State Senators. Walking into Senator Gibbs's office we were greeted by a greasy fingered, fried potato slice (chips) eating (stuffing her face) flunkie being paid on our dime. This "can't eat just one" aide & her potato chip crumb decorated shirt embodies all that is wrong with our government.

Trying to explain the reason of our visit and our concerns about the proposed budget, this chip-crunching chick seemed more concerned about getting the last crumb from the corner of her $.99 bag of chips!

With this, we need your help in naming a Useless Politcal Aide Award. Before putting your crayons to paper,
click here and read CTPP Co-coordinator Glynn's complete description of the incident on our CTPP Blog. I bet hot steam coming from Glynn's ears as this chip chomping took place aided global warming by melting a few more icebergs.

We will conduct a vote on the best submittals. I will start if off and offer the first two suggestions;

  • Tea Party Patriot Putz of the Week Award
  • Tea Party Patriot Sewer Pickle of the Week Award
After a winning title is selected we will send the posting of the award to all in the State House and we will personally deliver the targeted cud-chewer a bag of chips on behalf of the Cleveland Tea Party Patriots.

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