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Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Senator Brown field report

Here are some emails I received from people who attended the Health Care protests at Senator Brown's office. Clearly this is another non-representing representative whose staff has been drinking too much of the MSNBC Kool-aid.

People kept their cool.....but (I) some expressed our anger and outrage for the government stealing our money and stealing the best health care in the world (because of the free market) and the exceptional doctors and medical staff. This associate of Sen. Brown acted as if government was the answer to everything....forgetting the benevolence of doctors and charities.

This associate said that Sen. Brown is not on federal health care benefits. He is probably on his wife's medical coverage. But if the government takes over all health care eventually, you can bet those two will hop right back into the elitist government health care benefits. We danced all over this guy when he handed us a crock.

We mentioned a "referendum" on Senator Brown or any other Senator who votes for this health care "deform" bill.

This associate of Sen. Brown tried to paint us in a corner like we were some fringe group. He obviously does not know that each of us represents thousands of like-minded citizens. Every call, email, letter, represents thousands. We are not just single taxpayers with a gripe. We are U.S.A. patriots who want to save our country and its future. The little twit was a bit condescending and forever presenting the democrat, socialists talking points. So does that mean Sherrod Brown is just Senator to the socialists? Did he or the democrats ever bother to look at the free market alternatives that would not create a government bureaucracy? No.

One man asked repeatedly if Sen. Brown read the Cap and Trade bill. After repeatedly asking that question, the Brown associate could only answer that his aides read it.

Also, we discussed Cap and Trade issues, the Stimulus Package (I & II) and TARP.....and why government keeps punishing businesses and overtaxing and overburdening citizens through all the hidden taxes that get passed on to us. We want Stimulus I to be repealed.

And another..

A large number (30 or so) went into Brown’s office to express our thoughts and to hear what Brown had to say. The 5 min conversation developed into a 1 and ½ hour discussion. A strong message was delivered. The “one thing” that came out of that meeting for me was that Brown is representing a constituency that does not include us.

Senator Brown is part of the committee creating the draft healthcare plan. The current plan is available online. It includes a government insurance provision but individuals will be able to keep their insurance (temporarily). Call his office, be relentless, get your friends to call, educate the public.

The most significant thing to me was the large number of average folks passing through the lobby at the Galleria. They see us with signs and knew we were not happy campers. Many had NO clue. Some made negative comments. Most were in another world. It made me think about pre-Hitler Germans that were just going through life with out any awareness of the terrible future they had. My view is that if things continue down this path were will see a future that will shock us. Many of those who think we are silly today will wish they had gotten involved only to find out it is too late. Very strange time we are living in.

Well well. It looks like we'll be making more visits until they start to "get it".

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