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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

You never hear people say, I want to clean up dog poop

Many time we hear a young couple say they want a baby, Or a teenager I want a car or someone will say I want a new house, I want to be my own boss and so on.

But when the baby comes you never hear anyone say I can't wait to be woke up at 3:00am to change a diaper, I can wait till this little baby pukes on me,stay up late when they get sick, or talk to the neighbor when a ball goes thew a window, when he grows up I am looking forward when the principle calls me and tells me he/she is in big trouble. I looking forward to paying his/her car insurance bill and when talking to the police if he or she ever get arrested.

I want a car the teenager tells there parents , But we never hear , Oh I just can't wait to do the maintenance, change the oil learn how to change the tire or pay for the gas and insurance, I am so looking forward to that.

I want a house, but we never hear I am looking forward to fixing the hole in the roof, fixing the broken pipes when a leak burst open over the TV set and blows out the electrical. We never hear I can't wait to cut the grass shovel the snow in the drive way. I can't wait to kick the furnace when it quits and it 30 below 0.

I to be my own boss, but we never hear I can't wait to hear all the complaints from angry customers ,or fire the hired help, fill out the tax forms and deal with the IRS. I am looking forward to the audit.

I want a new puppy, but you never hear people say, I am looking forward to the vet bills paying for the food, chasing it down the street. Replacing the flowers it dug up in your lawn or your neighbors lawn, and you never hear I just can't wait to clean up the Dog Poop.

so your asking what am I getting at?

In this time of struggle for our country, more people than ever are willing to let the government think for them. People are losing basic freedoms in exchange for Government handouts. Far to often I hear the government is going to do what it wants, which may be true, But I am not hearing enough people say I want to take a stand, I want to get involved or march on Washington to protect my freedom, I want to hold a sign of protest in my hand or stand in the freezing cold to demand better leadership. make phone calls and write letters to our elected leaders. And I a sorry to say I have to look in the mirror on this one I have had it rough this past year and been more focused on job hunting which is very important also. But somehow this year I resolve to do more than I did last year to protect my freedom and my rights.

But I am asking that more of us find the time to do something to keep America great!

It is still the best nation in the world, but the hour may be later than we think!

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