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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tea Party Convention is a Fraud!

Cleveland Patriots

We are encouraging you to be very leery of attending the so-called "Tea Party Convention" in Nashville. This event is NOT endorsed or supported by the Cleveland Tea Party Patriots or the Tea Party Patriot national group. As time passes it is appearing this "convention" is a fraud and being used to raise money for a select few wishing to line their pockets with your money -- much like our government.

We feel it is despicable that such morally bankrupt individuals would poison the purity of this movement for financial gain.

Below you will find a post from Hill Buzz that gives a little more insight....

From Hill Buzz --
We participated in the first tea party here in Chicago, which was an impromptu assemblage of people, in early 2008, who saw what Liberals were doing in Washington and rose up against that. We even got to speak at the Tax Day Tea Party, here in Chicago, which was a much more organized event, and helped Chicago Young Republicans with their own Navy Pier Tea Party later that same day, Tax Day, last year.

What we’re about to say next is difficult, and we don’t have time to do proper justice to what we want to communicate, but so many of you are asking us what we think about the Tea Party Convention in Tennessee that we’re taking some time away from phone-banking for Scott Brown today to address this.

We love the Tea Party spirit, as manifest in regular Americans who are taking to the streets, heading to Senators’ and Representatives’ offices, and marching on Washington. We are part of those people, too. We will not be silenced or tread upon by Liberals and their media enablers.

However, we DO NOT like the people behind the Tea Party Convention in Tennessee. The people running this convention are bad news. We know some of them, and they are slime. A surprising number of them worked here in Chicago in 2008. They are opportunists of the first order. What they have done is simple: they saw a business opportunity in the Tea Party movement, which is very real, and decided to install themselves in a new hierarchical organization of their own design that’s amateur and destined for some forthcoming scandal. The people we know, from Chicago, involved in all of this are unstable, backstabbing, and more than a little crazy.

So, we are truly torn, because anything that gets more people on their feet and into the streets protesting what the Liberals are doing is a good thing — but we are VERY WARY of the people running this convention in Tennessee. We’ve never had good experiences with these people before, so why would we think they’ve changed because they now have this entity they created to capture the enthusiasm of a grassroots movement?

Our fear is that these opportunists will hurt the cause and turn many people off spontaneously grassroots protesting because they’ll think it’s all Axelrod-grade astroturfing. We’re turned off by it, but like we said, we’ve peaked behind the curtains and know who’s pulling the strings on all of this.

We urge people to be very, very careful whenever trumpeting any third party nonsense.

Eeyores and Concern Trolls aren’t the only weapons Democrats use against Republicans remarkably well.

Third Party Cheerleaders are also wonderful for Democrats — these are people who are so misguided and self-destructive, they’re like alcoholics in a bar we see all the time throwing all their money away, destroying their health, and yet they never face the mirror and realize what they are doing. It’s clear as day to us that when people say a Republican is “not conservative enough”, and vote Libertarian or some other crazy third entity instead “to teach the GOP a lesson”, all you are doing is electing the
Liberal lunatic whose supporters trolled the internets stoking you up to vote third party.

This trick has worked marvelously well since 1992, when Democrats encouraged conservatives to vote Perot so that the Clintons could squeak into the White House with 43% of the vote. That was wonderful back then, because we love the Clintons, and were happy that Republicans stupidly got distracted by Perot in large enough numbers for us to win. Whenever someone we like is running on the Democrat side, we hope everyone out there falls for whatever tricks are being used against you, but not when Liberals are on the Dem ticket and we want them beaten.

We know for a fact Democrats fund third party candidates that will steal votes from Republicans — the kind of voters who won’t ever vote Dem, and won’t stay home on Election Day, but will vote for some crazy Libertarian or Green Ticket or whatever, “to send the GOP a message”.

Have another bottle of scotch, Liza Minnelli, and keep drinking yourself to death.

Democrats are actively planning on using third parties to give Dr. Utopia a second term. That is the strategy. They want to create some sort of credible third party, Ross Perot-esque, spoiler that will stop the GOP from taking back the White House in 2012. That person will be either a Libertarian candidate, or maybe a Green or some new entity that will steal just enough votes from the GOP to ensure Liberals have a full 8 years under Dr. Utopia to wreck as much havoc upon this nation as

Our fear is the Tea Party Convention is falling right into that trap…as so many of you that get excited by it also start talking about “being sick of both parties” and “thinking it’s time to start a third party”.

No, it’s not time to do that.

Doing that gives Dr. Utopia a second term.

Wait until he’s defeated, and America is safe from socialism, and screw around with spoilers when Hillary Clinton gets to run on the Dem ticket and we want you to self-inflict wounds that will give her the White House.

Don’t engage in this craziness now, when it can only help Dr. Utopia.

What we’d prefer the Tea Party energy was focused on was removing Liberals from office. That should be the only goal of this movement. To go after every Liberal donor and cut off the money stream into the DNC that’s pushing Liberals into office. The Tea Party movement also needs to launch a full frontal assault on George Soros, and all the puppet organizations he funds, like ACORN, Moveon.org, etc.

Cut off the funds, and you snip the head off a treacherous snake.

Liberals are the greatest threat to our democracy in this nation’s history. George Soros is up there with Stalin, Hitler, Hussein, Mao, Hirohito, and other villains in history who wanted to see this nation destroyed. Unlike those others, Soros is actually succeeding — perhaps beyond his wildest dreams.

Every vote for a third party candidate helps Soros inch his plan closer to reality.

People have to start realizing this.

For the rest of our lives, we are always going to vote for the best person in the race, whether that person is Democrat or Republican, man or woman, straight or gay, white or black, etc. But we are not going to throw our votes away on people who have no legitimate shot at winning, but who are being propped up by one candidate just to take votes away from the other. Do the math on this, and always think about who has the best chance of defeating the person you DON’T WANT to win. Give your vote to that person, so that lunatics like the one in the White House now don’t keep getting elected.

We don’t think the Tea Party Convention in Tennessee is a good idea. Many of you have been encouraging us to go to that, and we say from the bottom of our hearts how flattered we are that you want us to go. That’s incredibly kind, and we’re truly honored many of you want to meet us or want us to speak at that Convention. That’s amazing to us.

But, we just don’t trust the people running this. We also are scared these people are really being propped up by Soros, in some way, as a plot to distract voters in 2012 and take votes away from the Republican and create a spoiler that will hand the second term to Dr. Utopia. That’s just so incredibly dangerous.

Sarah Palin, as usual, is incredibly smart and forward-thinking about all of this. It is a brilliant move on her part to speak at this Tea Party Convention. Why? Because Tea Party enthusiasts will see her as one of them, so if she indeed, as we believe, seeks and wins the Republican 2012 nomination, it sure will be hard for mischief
makers to run a third party candidate against her, because she’s already been embraced by those most inclined to jump onto a third party. It is, yet again, another brilliant tactical move on her part. She proves to us again she will indeed be our next president, as she’s thinking three steps ahead of everyone else, on a daily basis. THANK GOD IN HEAVEN FOR THAT.

Unemployment in 2012 will be 12% or more. Dr. Utopia’s approval ratings will be in the 30s. Democrats will not be able to muster any groundswell of support in the next election — certainly not enough to counter the swell of Republicans (who sat out the 2008 race) who head back to the ballot box to drive the Liberals from Washington. The ONLY way Democrats win in 2012 is to use a third party, Perot-esque spoiler.

Every time one of you goes on about third parties, we clearly see this plot working, and it scares us. Living in Chicago, not much scares us anymore, but man alive, this does.

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