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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Election Day Notes....


We received this in an email yesterday from two of our national coordinators for the Tea Party Patriots, Jenny Beth Martin & Mark Meckler. Jenny Beth & Mark were in MA for Brown's earth shattering victory and below are some of their thoughts....

From Jenny Beth --
Tea Party Patriots and others involved in the tea party movement have asked Congress to listen to us. In the past year, we, the people, have demanded accountability. We, the people, demanded principled leadership. And, we, the people, demanded that our elected officials represent us.

It is so appropriate that the American liberty movement started in the Boston Harbor in December, 1773 with the Boston Tea Party. Today, we carry on the tradition of tea parties in the spirit of our founding fathers. We carry it on in the birthplace of the American liberty movement. The birthplace of the original tea party patriots. The birthplace of American patriots.

Like our founding fathers, we are ordinary citizens. Tea Party Patriots today are ordinary citizens reclaiming America's founding principles. More....

And from Mark --
Everyone who watches the news knows what’s taking place here in Massachusetts and what’s at stake as far as future policy and legislation. But what most people don’t get the chance to do is to actually feel what’s in the air here in the cradle of American history. So I wanted to travel to Boston to touch the moment, firsthand, and to share that experience with people who can’t be here. Last night I boarded a redeye from the west coast, and I exited just hours later in the midst of one of the seminal battles of the Second American Revolution.

I can tell you with certainty, a political buzz is definitely in the air. From the time I got off the plane in Boston, the elections were the topic du jour on almost everyone’s lips.

I think we can agree from their comments, we are all part of something special. Thanks Mark & Jenny Beth!

For all of our members.... I hope you see that YOU really are the Heart & Soul of the Tea Party Patriots!

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