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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Beware: Facebook giving personal information to the White House

During his tenure as Director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover routinely spied on U.S. citizens who were speaking out against the government -- Dr. Martin Luther King being one of them. It looks like Facebook co-founder, Chris Hughes, has been and still is, like a current day Hoover without a badge for President Obama and his Czarministration.

Participating in the White House Forum on Modernizing Government, which supposedly seeks to improve government efficiency, Hughes has admitted using Face Book for the same purpose -- spying on U.S. citizens....

"There should be a real focus on metrics and analytics," he said. "I don't think there's anything that's been more core to the success of Facebook and the Obama campaign than knowing up front and as quickly as possible what individuals are doing."

At any given moment during the campaign, he said, "we knew how many people were active in any given state or congressional district ... we could see what people were excited about, what stirred them."

He's stayed in touch with White House officials that he worked closely with on the campaign.... (The Hill.com)

And many Democrats, and some Republicans, thought unwarranted wire taps on suspected terrorists & the Patriot Act violated their privacy and took away their rights! I guess knowing who plays "Whoville" & "Farmville" is now considered a national security threat. Who'd a thunk it!

As we know, some people have been SCREAMING that a more free market & private-sector approach and way of thinking would only improve government operations and efficiency -- but that is material for another post.

Improving technology and learning techniques for improving efficiency from successful private sector companies is not a bad thing for the snail-like effect imposed on operations and/or programs by inefficient government bureaucracy. But it appears the White House Forum on Modernizing Government is nothing more than a thinly veiled cloak for a much larger increase of "Big Brother" government using the private sector and modern technology to gain knowledge on your personal information, purchasing habits, hobbies, trends & your thoughts. Or as in Hughes & Facebook's case -- a proxy spy agency for Obama's presidential campaign and now his Czarministration.

Watergate was only a hotel break-in, what Hughes & Facebook has done for is like having someone breaking in tour house and rummaging through your underwear drawer!

Speaking of underwear.... what should make Facebook Gate even more alarming is that DHS Director Janet Napalitano & the current Czarministration feel Tea Party Patriots, 9.12er's, our returning soldiers & Marines, and other U. S. citizens exercising our God given & Constitutionally protected rights are extremists and warrant being investigated -- but Fruit-of-Kaboom jihadikaze's trying to blow up airplanes are just spiffy!

Besides Hughes admitting Facebook is the government's black book on citizens, most of the current Internet search engines track and retain your IP addresses along with a history of your search requests and the links you visit. There is a current Internet search engine, StartPage.com that does not track your searches and acts as a proxy server.

The Tea Party Patriots have a fairly new Social Networking page (Click Here) where you can be assured that your information will never be shared with anyone. This is also a great place to meet Tea Party Patriot members from other states and see what other TPP groups are doing.

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