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Friday, April 1, 2011

City of Avon, OH: A Plundering of the People

Patriots -- one of the biggest threats to our freedom and liberty is government plunder of property rights -- be it personal or real.

For a better understanding of legal plunder a good read is the book "The Law" written by the brilliant French economist and politician, Frederic Bastiat (1801-1850).  Bastiat identifies legal plunder as one taking from another through the use of the law.  (Click here to read.)

In the City of Avon, OH an ugly precedent of legal plunder is being forced on mostly a select few residents and some small family owned businesses and farms -- which may very well cost them the businesses they built from scratch as explained by sixth-generation farmer, Don Nagle.

In the form of a tax, the city of Avon wants to assess these 105 property owners an estimated $9 Million dollars to pay for a portion an interchange to be built at I-90 and Nagel Rd FOR The Jacobs Group & The Cleveland Clinic. 

Jacobs Group is paying $9 million, or a third of the costs. The Cleveland Clinic is building a $100 million facility next to the interchange, but it's not being asked to pay a dime.

Channel 3 Investigative reporter Tom Meyer highlights the public plunder here.....

The Ohio Dept of Transportation says this is an innovative way for future highway funding, , a local land development expert and Cleveland-Marshall College of Law professor Alan Weinstein has stated, "he believes more cities in similar circumstances will adopt this type of funding." 

If this is allowed, how long will it be before this "innovative way" of funding affects you? 

The following comments and request is from one of the small family-run businesses and fellow Tea Party supporter that will be forced to partially fund this interchange for the benefit of the Jacobs Group and the Cleveland Clinic....
The mayor is assuming that when or if these property owners sell their land, they will come into a great big windfall of money and can take the hit because they will have that extra money. But we all know he cannot guarantee that, and he won’t put it in writing that if the business fail to produce the windfalls he is predicting, they will get some sort of assessment adjustment. Now he is wanting to have these few people shoulder this much money, when so many communities and businesses will greatly benefit from this interchange.

There is a council meeting Monday April 4th at 7 pm at Avon City Hall (located at the corner of Rt 83 and Chester Rd) ...we are asking that anyone who can come, please come and support these farmers and local family owned businesses, we need your help!!! These businesses he wants to assess, likely will not survive if this goes forth as planned. Help protect, true local jobs. This is a worthy cause!!!!
Fellow Patriots -- this is why we exist!  Let's give the City of Avon a little of what we learned in our continuing fight against Obama Care and defeating of the Dream Act!  The Mayor wants to claim this is the same as a road assessment -- when in reality this is nothing more than corporate welfare!
  • Where: Avon City Hall
  • Address: 36080 Chester Road  Avon, OH  (Click for map)
  • Time: 7:00PM
City of Avon Elected Officials

Mayor Jim Smith
Phone: (440)937-7805
Email: sandy@cityofavon.com

Brian Jensen (Ward 1)
Phone: (440)934-4486
Email: bryanjensen@centurytel.net

Dennis McBride (Ward 2)
Phone: (440)934-0593
Email: DennisMcBride@cityofavon.com

Kevin Ward (Ward 3)
Phone: (440)315-6597
Email: kevin.ward@cityofavon.com

Daniel Urban (Ward 4)
Phone: (440)937-4393
Email: urbankd@roadrunner.com

Daniel Zegarac (Council at Large)
Phone: (440)934-4063
Email: danzegarac@yahoo.com

Craig Witherspoon (Council at Large)
Phone: (440)937-5815
Email: Craig.Witherspoon@cityofavon.com

Clinton Pelfrey (Council at Large)
Phone: (440) 934-7898
Email: ccrge2002@yahoo.com

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