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Friday, April 29, 2011

"Deal in the District" Letter to Congressman Steve LaTourette

Below is a copy of the letter submitted to the local district office of Congressman Steve LaTourette as part of the Tea Party Patriots "Deal in the District" initiative....

Congressman Steve LaTourette
10075 Ravenna Rd
Twinsburg, OH  44087

April 28, 2011

Dear Congressman LaTourette,

The undersigned Tea Party groups, on behalf of our members in your district, respectfully submit this letter for your review and timely response.

We are at a critical crossroads in American history. With the lengthy time you have served this district, we are confident you are aware that when elected to serve in a representative republic, you are duty bound to reflect the will of your constituents. 

As you know, a deal was made on April 8th between Speaker Boehner, Majority Leader Harry Reid, and President Obama to continue appropriations for the remainder of fiscal year 2011. You should be aware that this deal fell way short of the expectations of the American people and the constituents in your district. 

It is to our extreme disappointment that your recent votes on the Continuing Resolutions, defunding the NPR, the defunding of the EPA, and continuing appropriations for fiscal year 2011 are not reflective of the will of your constituents.  Collectively, we also find that the talking points from you and the GOP leadership on why you were not able to do the job you pledged to do  - that being $100 Billion in cuts - are completely unacceptable.  That a “Deal” on the continuing appropriations for fiscal year 2011 was deceivingly portrayed to be $38.5 billion in cuts and was proven to only be $352 million in cuts is beyond comprehension and a total affront to the constituents you were sworn to represent in your district.

In all due respect, you were elected to speak for, and on behalf of the constituents in your district. You were not elected to make phantom deals with the establishment in D.C. that will negatively affect the future of our country on our behalf, against our wishes and at the expense of future generations.  With this, we respectfully request that you stand for and with the people you were elected to represent by agreeing to support the following Deal in your District;

  • Vote against any tax increases.
  • Meet the GOP Pledged $100 Billion in spending cuts – NOT budget cuts.
  • Stand against raising the Debt Ceiling in any way, shape or form.
  • Support the Full Faith and Credit Act to assure our obligations are paid.
  • Support all votes to de-fund in its’ entirety or portion thereof Obamcare
  • Vote NO on any budget bill proposed after May 1, 2011 that does not make at least $1 trillion in spending cuts.
Congressman LaTourette, we are asking, will you listen to the people you represent and support this deal in your district?

As your response will be made public, and in the interest of brevity, clarity and accuracy, please respond by May 6, 2011 to each individual item with an affirmative or negative answer followed by an explanation of your position if you wish. 

In closing, we want to thank you for your time and giving our letter your prompt and undivided attention. We look forward to your timely and written response.

Thank You,

Arzella Melnyk                                              Tom Zawistowski
Coordinator                                                   Executive Director
Geauga/Lake Tea Party Patriots                     Portage County Tea Party

Mike Petruziello                                             Jean C. Coe
President                                                        Organizer
Geauga County Tea Party                               Geauga 9.12 Patriots

Ralph King                                                     Diana Price
State Co-Coordinator (OH)                             Coordinator
Tea Party Patriots                                         Cleveland 9.12 Group

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