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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ohio " We the People" Convention

We the People Convention, Inc.
4682 State Route 43 • Kent, Ohio • 44240 • 866-427-9257
For Immediate Release: April 12, 2011

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The first-annual “We the People Convention” – a gathering of citizens interested in participating in the governing process as provided by the Ohio and US Constitutions  – will be held in Columbus, Ohio on July 1-2, 2011 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center and will feature nationally known political analyst Dick Morris as a keynote speaker. Candidates who declare their intention to run for President of the United States in 2012 will also be invited and expected to attend the two-day event.
“Our mission statement is clear. The purpose of this statewide convention shall be to recruit, educate, and motivate Ohio citizens at the grassroots level to perform their constitutionally defined role in the governance of their townships, municipalities, and counties, as well as in our state and nation, by providing opportunities, knowledge, and training to ensure limited constitutional governance,” said Tom Zawistowski, president of We the People Convention, Inc.
The convention was announced today in a press conference at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. We the People Convention, Inc., is a state registered 501(c) 4 non-profit educational corporation based in Columbus. Zawistowski also announced the formation of a new State Political Action Committee (PAC) called the Ohio Citizens PAC which will host two dinners around the convention to raise money for Patriot groups around the state. The PAC dinner on Friday, July 1, 2011 will feature Morris, while the dinner on Saturday night, July 2, 2011 is expected to feature presidential candidates. 
Zawistowski added, “Our goal is to educate citizens about the political process and the effects of that process on governance. For many of us in the Patriot Movement, it is clear that we have the government we have because we have not fully participated in the political process as is provided by the Ohio and U.S. Constitutions. If we are not happy with the government we have, it is up to “We the People” to change the direction of government through our participation. However, based on recent experience, we have found that regular citizens have not been able to exercise their rights effectively primarily due to a lack of understanding of how things work. The goal of this convention is to rectify that situation.”
“We expect to attract, conservative citizens from all parts of the political spectrum.  Some will be members and leaders of TEA Party and 912 groups, others will be devotees of tax reform, gun rights, states rights and other conservative issues.”
The We the People Convention will consist of two days of educational breakout sessions, interspersed with major national figures speaking at luncheons and at two evening dinners being hosted by the Ohio Citizens PAC on Friday and Saturday night of the Convention.  Additional speakers will be announced as they are contracted. The website for the Convention is located at www.WethePeopleConvention.org

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