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Monday, April 4, 2011

Tea Party Patriot Groups in Ohio Announce the Ohio Health Care Compact

For Immediate Release

April 4, 2011

Marianne Gasiecki

Ohio Tea Party Patriot Groups announce
Ohio Health Care Compact

We will be taking Control of our Health Care One Step at a Time!

Ohio - As part of the Tea Party Patriots & The Health Care Compact Alliance 50 state initiative to enact interstate compacts specifically for health care, the Tea Party Patriot groups of OH are proud to announce the Ohio Health Care Compact!
The Ohio Health Care Compact is the key to true freedom when it comes to health care in Ohio. The Ohio Health Care Compact is in the beginning stages and we expect legislation to be introduced into the Ohio legislature in the immediate future.
Gary Young, coordinator for the North Ridgeville Tea Party Patriots and Coordinator for the Ohio Health Care Compact stated, "a health care compact in Ohio will be the key to our state's economic freedom and give us the means to specifically address and fix the health care concerns and funding in our state."
Already introduced in half a dozen other states, the Health Care Compacts are quickly becoming a big hit for states looking to take back control of their health care and move the decision making process away from federal bureaucrats and closer to the people. Shifting the responsibility of health care decisions closer to the people will give the states more flexibility in combating the rising costs of medicaid/medicare and health care in general.
The Ohio Health Care Compact, when enacted will not conflict with any efforts to repeal Obama Care or repealing of the health insurance mandate -- in fact it will enhance and make these efforts stronger!
To learn more about the Ohio Health Care Compact, please click here.
Ohio Tea Party Patriots Groups

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