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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Reason #5,749: Why Ohio MUST Pass the Ohio Healthcare Freedom Amendment

The love of freedom, liberty and respect of the U.S. Constitution should be good enough reasons to stand strong against Obamacare and support the Ohio Healthcare Freedom Amendment at the polls this November.

While Obamacare and the forced health insurance mandate was "Billed" as the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act, it appears this Act will leave familes uanable to afford the bill...

From The Hill --  (Emphasis Added)
A major provision of the healthcare reform law designed to prevent businesses from dropping coverage for their workers could inadvertently leave families without access to subsidized health insurance.

The problem is a huge headache for the Obama administration and congressional Democrats, because it could leave families unable to buy affordable health insurance when the healthcare law requires that everyone be insured starting in 2014.

At issue is a so-called firewall in the law that denies subsidies to workers whose employers offer quality, affordable coverage.

The firewall applies to plans with premiums that cost less than 9.5 percent of a worker’s income. If a worker has to dole out more than that amount to buy coverage, the employer coverage is considered unaffordable and the worker is eligible for subsidies to buy coverage on the new exchanges.

Initially, advocates thought the threshold also applied to family coverage. If premium costs paid to cover a worker’s family cost 20 percent of a worker’s income, for example, the worker and his or her family should be eligible for subsidies.

This means the costs to an employee for covering his or her family could be too high to afford for many working families.

If you’ve got employer-based coverage that’s affordable for the employee only, Guyer said, the family is expected to take the employer coverage even if its totally unaffordable and no one in the family is eligible for the exchange subsidies.

The glitch is causing heartburn for advocates who worry that it could leave thousands of children and spouses uninsured and subject to penalties for not having insurance.
To learn more about the Ohio Healthcare Freedom Amendment and how you can help stop the forced health insurance mandate in Obamacare from hurting your family, please click here.

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