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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ohio's Top Conservative Bloggers & "We the People"

It was great to see the top conservative bloggers in Ohio, Tom Blumer of Bizzy Blog (www.bizzyblog.com), Matt Hurley & Mark Garbett from Weapons of Mass Discussion (http://massdiscussion.blogspot.com/) and Maggie Thurber of Thurber's Thoughts (http://thurbersthoughts.blogspot.com/
Note: There are many good conservative bloggers in Ohio.  In the very near future, you will soon 
          hear a lot more about them and from them.

Matt & Tom participated on a panel for one of the break out sessions also.  In sharing his views on the "We the People Convention," Mark G (WMD) offers up his take on Tom B's and Matt's portion of the break out session...
"Those two did a lot to bring blogging to the people and disspell a lot of the esoteric b.s. of some other presenters who tried to make it sound like you had to do what they did to be successful, or that you couldn't cover national events because Malkin already does. Kudos to those two for excellent work...oh yeah, and I helped!"
Weapons of Mass Discussion Live Blogged the "We the People Convention" and has replays of it for Day 1 (Click Here) and for Day 2 (Click Here).

In the world of the blogosphere, Weapons of Mass Discussion, BizzyBlog and Thurbers Thoughts, are what would be considered "grassroots" blogging in the same aspect the Tea Party is a grassroots movement. The mainstream media blogs serve their purpose, but the grassroot blogs like those listed above and the many other like them is where you will find the best sources of information -- especially on issues in your state.

But, pleae be warned there are what are called "trolls" in the blogosphere and some that could be defined as, if the blogosphere were a living person -- they would be the arm pit. Though there are many good blogs -- there are some very bad ones - so beware.  The three highlighted in this post (Weapons of Mass Discussion, BizzyBlog and Thurbers Thoughts)  are award winning, reputable and full of resourceful information nationally and for the State of Ohio.

Not an often ventured into area for most tea party type people, the blogosphere is a tool greatly underused by our movement.  It is an area the left continually uses to shape public opinion and perception. It is an arena we must enter in a much larger presence.  Take the plunge, visit Weapons of Mass Discussion, BizzyBlog and Thurbers Thoughts.

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  1. Thanks for the mention. There are, as you wrote, a number of great conservative blogs in Ohio. I recommend you and your members check out the State of Ohio Blogger Alliance for local bloggers in various areas of the state. And if any members decide to start blogging, be sure to let us all know so we can link to you.

    Also, don't underestimate local forums where anyone can post comments or start threads. These are often great places for individuals who don't want to begin/maintain their own blog. Toledo has two you can view (Swamp Bubbles and Toledo Talk), and I'm sure there are others in the Cleveland area.

    Looking forward to seeing more tea party members on line!


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