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Friday, July 1, 2011

Sign the No Debt Increase Petition

It is time to cut up Washington’s credit card and get federal spending under control.

In 1917, Congress created the debt limit to control spending. Instead every time they “hit” the limit they’ve raised it. Like irresponsible teenagers they’re at it again for the 11th time in as many years.

Since 2000, the National debt has increased three fold to $14.3 trillion or $130,000 per household. A recent CBO report indicates at the current rate of spending the budget deficit is projected to eclipse our total gross GDP in 2021.

Federal government spending has skyrocketed to nearly one quarter of the economy. The U.S. Department of Labor alone will spend approximately $1,250 per household this year!
Washington must stop overspending. If we can’t stop them now when will we?

Congress needs to quit making promises for how they will deal with problems in the future and deal with the crisis we have today.

Say NO to another debt ceiling increase. Say NO to more government spending. 

To sign the Tea Party Patriots No Debt Ceiling Increase petition click here.

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