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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Obamacare -- Ohio Style?

As we prepared to celebrate the birth of our country and freedom from oppresive and government intrusion, on 6/29/11 some members of Ohio's Donkey Brigade in Columbus introduced legislation that will create an Ohio version of Obamacare -- HB 287.

In part, and in creating regional health care boards, HB 287 will enact the Ohio Health Security Act to establish and operate the Ohio Health Care Plan to provide universal health care coverage to all Ohio residents.....
Sec. 3922.01.  As used in this chapter:
(A) "Blind trust" means an independently managed trust in which the beneficiary has no management rights and in which the beneficiary is not given notice of alterations in or other dispositions of the stock, mutual funds, or other property subject to the trust.
Sec. 3922.02.  (A)(1) There is hereby created the Ohio health care plan, which shall be administered by the Ohio health care agency under the direction of the Ohio health care board.
(2) The Ohio health care plan shall provide universal and affordable health care coverage for all Ohio residents, consisting of a comprehensive benefit package that includes benefits for prescription drugs. The Ohio health care plan shall work simultaneously to control health care costs, control health care spending, achieve measurable improvement in health care outcomes, increase all parties' satisfaction with the health care system, implement policies that strengthen and improve culturally and linguistically sensitive care, and develop an integrated health care database to support health care planning.
(B) There is hereby created the Ohio health care agency. The Ohio health care agency shall administer the Ohio health care plan and is the sole agency authorized to accept applicable grants-in-aid from the federal and state government, using the funds in order to secure full compliance with provisions of state and federal law and to carry out the purposes of sections 3922.01 to 3922.33 of the Revised Code. All grants-in-aid accepted by the Ohio health care agency shall be deposited into the Ohio health care fund established under section 3922.09 of the Revised Code.
In its' entirety, HB 287 (click to read HB 287) is nothing more than trying to enact Obamacare at the state level through newly created regional and state boards deciding your healthcare.

To combat this Ohio style of Obamacare, signatures for the Ohio Healthcare Freedom Amendment to be on the ballot this upcoming election will be submitted this Wednesday (7/6/11) to the OH Secretary of States office. Getting this on the ballot and passed is the first step in protecting Ohio residents from Obamacare's forced health care insurance mandate.  (Click here to join in the Signature Submittal Rally this Wednesday).

The second step to Healthcare Freedom in Ohio is through SB 189, the Ohio Health Care Compact, which when passed and approved by Congress, will give Ohio residents the right to craft healthcare laws task specific to our needs.

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  1. It is unfortunate that some folks rather favor the idea of others making decisions for them so they're OK with the "Nanny State" concept. I, for one, am not!


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