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Monday, July 1, 2013

The Immigration Bill: Why a Vote for Nothing Makes Sense

Dear Cleveland Patriot,
As you know, the destructive amnesty bill passed the Senate last week, with 14 Republican traitors supporting it.
Now the fight in the House begins, and this is a very important week if we are to win this fight. 
The members of the House are home this week for Independence Day.  They return to DC next week to hold a special meeting on the 10th to discuss immigration only.
It is important that they hear from us this week, before that special meeting on the 10th.

Our Message to Our Representatives
Don't Vote for Anything
Right now we are being told that the House has flat out rejected the Senate bill, and that the goal of the House is to pass legislation through a piecemeal approach, making border security and enforcement a priority.
While I'm sure we all agree that border security and its enforcement take priority, if a bill gets put through the House it will go to conference.  At this point, what started as a good bill could be distorted by combining it with the Senate bill, and do we really want more empty promises on border control?  If they would just enforce the laws that have been put in place since 1986, our efforts could be better spent on the priorities of Americans like jobs and the economy.
Also, once a bill reaches conference we, as citizens, lose much of our control.  Speaker Boehner will decide who takes part in the conference, and we all know that he will not pick a strong conservative.  Not to mention that Paul Ryan appears to have become the "Marco Rubio" of the HouseClick Here to Read More
The only way to stop this push for amnesty is for our Representatives to vote for nothing, even if it's a border protection bill.

Why a Vote for Nothing Makes Sense
It's All About the Timing
The goal of the House is to have the immigration issue settled by the August recess.
If we can stall the process long enough, whereas nothing gets voted on in July, the issue will lose steam over the break.
When Congress returns in the fall, they will have the debt ceiling and the continuing resolution to deal with, flatlining the immigration debate.

Call Your Reps Today, and Every Day This Week

Please click here to find contact information for your Representative.
Please remind your representative that their job is to REPRESENT their constituents, not illegals and big business.
Remind them that the purpose of immigration policy must be for the benefit of American society.  Many illegals don't want amnesty. They don't want to be Americans, pay taxes and assimilate Click Here to Read More
Remind them that our government serves at the consent of our citizens, not the consent of aliens and their governments.

Remind them that there are already laws that, if enforced, would solve the border security issue (see Failed Timeline article here).  
h/t Marianne G

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