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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Message to US House: Immigration bill should be DOA

Gov. Palin on the immigration bill that passed in the Senate (and why we need to push the House to pass NOTHING):
Great job, GOP establishment. You’ve just abandoned the Reagan Democrats with this amnesty bill, and we needed them to “enlarge that tent” of which you so often speak. It’s depressing to consider that the House of Representatives is threatening to pass some version of this nonsensical bill in the coming weeks. [emphasis added]
Once again, I’ll point out the obvious to you: it was the loss of working class voters in swing states that cost us the 2012 election, not the Hispanic vote. Legal immigrants respect the rule of law and can see how self-centered a politician must be to fill this amnesty bill with favors, earmarks, and crony capitalists’ pork, and call it good. You disrespect Hispanics with your assumption that they desire ignoring the rule of law. 
Folks like me are barely hanging on to our enlistment papers in any political party – and it’s precisely because flip-flopping political actions like amnesty force us to ask how much more bull from both the elephants in the Republican Party and the jackasses in the Democrat Party we have to swallow before these political machines totally abandon the average commonsense hardworking American. Now we turn to watch the House. If they bless this new “bi-partisan” hyper-partisan devastating plan for amnesty, we’ll know that both private political parties have finally turned their backs on us. It will then be time to show our parties’ hierarchies what we think of being members of either one of these out-of-touch, arrogant, and dysfunctional political machines.

Two other excellent - if scary - analyses of the Immigration "Reform" bill are at American Thinker (“Immigrationists and the Death of America”) here and at Townhall by the blond bomb-thrower, Ann Coulter, here

Take your pick: all sorts of talking points when phoning Speaker Boehner and other members of the US House of Representatives to take the Senate Immigration bill and -- drive a stake through its heart. 

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  1. I strongly disagree, and am very very happy with this bill. This is far from the Reagan amnesty as it spells out and directly funds border security, everify etc. before any path to citizenship. Also amnesty is a false term as it implies there is no penalty. There will be fines, back taxes will have to be assessed, and further, they will be placed to the back of the line for reaching a path to citizenship. To just try to kick out 11 million people is unrealistic, and would cost far more than the benefits that such immigrants provide.
    I wrote more about the benefits of this here.


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