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Monday, July 8, 2013

Do Not Pass ANY Immigration Bill

Updates from Tea Party Patriots, Ohio Tea Party Patriots, and The Mansfield Tea Party (h/t Marianne G):

"Needless to say we are focused and working hard to stop the monstrosity of an amnesty bill that passed out of the Senate, and was supported by 14 Republicans.

The House has said that this bill is "dead on arrival", but where there's a will, there's a way.
Even if the House passes a one page border security only bill, it can be mutated into something disastrous and unrecognizable when it goes into conference with the Senate.  The goal is to convince our Representatives to Pass Nothing before the August recess, creating a "cool down" period. 
When Congress convenes in September, the focus will then turn to the Debt Ceiling and the Continuing Resolution, once again.

What More Can We Do to Stop Amnesty? 

Tea Party Patriots has provided another tool kit to help us in our fight.
Today we are asking that you write a letter to the editor, and have provided talking points and samples Click Here
"Tweet it Tuesday" - Do you tweet?  Tea Party Patriots has provided messaging for Twitter and Facebook Click Here
Wednesday we are asking that you write postcards to your Representatives, Speaker Boehner, Rep. Paul Ryan and Rep. Kevin McCarthy.  We have provided sample letters, but it will get to them faster if you can make one or two points on a postcard. Click Here."
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