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Saturday, July 20, 2013

CTPP supports Ohioans Against Common Core

Common Core is part of the UN's infamous Agenda 21. A website called “AreWeAwareYet” has a good overview and links, but here’s a short introduction:

Cherilyn Eagar connects the dots by linking Common Core State Standards to anti-Christian, redistribution of wealth, pantheistic, and environmentally extreme Marxists.  These Marxists have saturated the United Nations.  As a side note, this should be of no surprise to anyone since known Communist, Alger Hiss, was [a] founder of the United Nations.

The education arm of the United Nations, UNESCO, has its fingerprints all over Common Core.

Anyone who has studied the insidious Agenda 21, which is the brainchild of the United Nations, immediately recognized the Common Core, as another step of Agenda 21 – capturing our children’s minds and souls by dumbing them down to make it so much easier for totalitarians to control our country.

And from Eagar’s linked website:
The goal is to bring all educational standards under one common roof of compliance and global academic, philosophical and religious sameness.  That requires removing the “extremes” of fundamentalist and evangelical religion, including those religions that have strong missionary outreaches to non-Christians and that teach the biblical principles of marriage and the sanctity of Life. In order to do that, certain compromises must be made, and this is the essence of the Common Core curriculum.

The curriculum must be strictly secular and equitable in its teaching of the nations and the world.  Redistribution of the wealth is the standard because there is no private property, only collective ownership of the planet.  Therefore, the common core curriculum must take a pantheistic approach and while excluding one form of extremism (e.g. radical Islam) it embraces another:  extremist environmental policy.
Common Core is already here, but there is a way to stop it in Ohio. Representative Andy Thompson is sponsoring a bill in the Ohio House:
A BILL  “To enact section 3301.078 of the Revised Code with respect to the Common Core initiative academic standards and the distribution of student data.” Full Bill Text here   

This bill is scheduled to be filed with the House Clerk on July 25 – this coming week. Last week, Ohioans Against Common Core announced Action Alerts. Their suggested phone calls for requesting co-sponsorship of the bill in the House are to:
·         Rep. Andrew Brenner – Education Committee Vice Chair  (614) 644-6711 
·         Rep. Ron Amstutz – Finance Committee Chair (614) 466-1474
·         Rep. Matt Huffman – Speaker Pro Tempore & Education Committee member (614) 466-9624
·         Speaker Wm. Batchelder – (614) 466-8140
·         Rep. Gerald Stebelton – Education Committee Chair (614) 466-8100 
Please visit their website for more info. Another analysis is here at The Heritage Foundation. 

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