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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ohio Health Care Compact: moving the ball down the field

From our Ohio Tea Party Patriot co-coordinator, Marianne:
Many of you are aware of the work Tea Party Patriots of Ohio has been doing with Rep Wes Retherford and the Health Care Compact, to stop the Obamacare train wreck.
The Health Care Compact is an interstate compact.  It has already been passed in eight states and has been introduced and under consideration in nine other states, including Ohio.
Rep. Retherford will be giving his sponsor testimony on HB 227 November 19th, and is asking for our support and presence. Please let us know if you'll be able to join us, and we'll continue to forward information regarding the testimony and the Health Care Compact, as we are updated.
Eight states and their governors have already signed the Health Care Compact legislation into law.  Let's make Ohio the 9th!
Want to Learn More?
Take Action
The Health Care Compact is our answer to the question "Who should govern?"  The Health Care Compact promotes:
* self-governance by bringing the decision making process closer to the people.
*  Click here for a brief video explaining the Health Care Compact
*  Join us in Columbus in support of Rep Retherford's testimony on HB 227  Click Here if you can join us or participate in a conference call
*  Sign the petition to show your support of self-governance through the Health Care Compact.  Click Here to Sign.
We received over 2,000 signatures in one week's time when showing our opposition to Medicaid expansion.  Let's show our support of self-governance and sign the petition for the Ohio Health Care Compact. 
Shouldn't our elected representatives be allowed to represent us, rather than being stripped of their authority to do so?

*  Forward the Ohio Health Care Compact petition to all your friends and family, and ask them to forward it to all they know.
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