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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Updates: Ohio Health Care Compact and hearing to repeal Common Core

From our state co-coordinator, Marianne:
The week of November 16th will be a demanding one due to the Ohio Health Care Compact testimony on the 19th and the 2nd hearing on the repeal of Common Core on the 20th.
Sponsor Hearing on the
Health Care Compact 
Eight states have already passed the Health Care Compact, Ohio could be the ninth. 
More than 20% of Ohio residents are covered by Medicaid, an already failing government system, and with the absolute failure in the roll-out of the "UN"-affordable Care Act, we can expect it to get much worse.
The solution is the Health Care Compact, an interstate compact that will give us the authority to determine the health care that suites the needs of the citizens of Ohio.
Take Action
Sign the petition to stop the "UN"-affordable Care Act in Ohio. Learn more about the Health Care Compact and join us on a conference call this Sunday evening. Mark your calendar and  Click Here to Register

Show your support for the Health Care Compact in Ohio and attend the sponsor hearing.
WHEN:    Tuesday, November 19th, 1:00 p.m.
WHERE:   Statehouse in Columbus
               Room Number TBD

Sponsor Hearing on the 
Repeal of Common Core
Over 300 supporters of HB 237 showed up at the sponsor hearing. Were it not for this show of support the sponsor of the bill, Rep Thompson, believes he would not be receiving a second hearing.
Can we hit the 500 mark this time?  Show your support for HB 237 and attend the next hearing, which will include testimony from experts in education and on Common Core Standards. 
WHEN:    Wednesday, November 20th, 5 p.m.
WHERE:   Statehouse in Columbus (driving directions here)
               Room 313


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