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Thursday, November 14, 2013

President Obama tries to change the subject

Cartoon/photo credit: Gary Varvel at Indystar.com here.

Today, President Obama came to Cleveland. The Columbus Dispatch reported:
With his health-care law facing intense criticism and his polling numbers tanking, President Barack Obama traveled to a once-shuttered steel plant here to perhaps remind Americans that, well, it’s not all so bad. . . .

Not all so bad? The President's attempt to change the subject with some upbeat comments does not seem to be working. And his temporary "fix" to Obamacare, announced this morning,turns out to be no such thing.  From The Washington Post
The reason for this is not simply the impracticability of getting insurance companies to reissue expired policies and the need to get any fix through the Republican House. The essence of Obamacare has always been to force young, healthy people into the exchanges. If they do not do that, the exchanges become a repository for only the sickest people, and the so-called death spiral begins. Indeed, the “you can keep your insurance” idea is the ultimate poison pill — whether offered by the House Republicans or Senate Democrats. It is, in short, a cure that is worse for Obamacare than its current travails — as impossible as that might seem.
The Obamacare train wreck continues.
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