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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Border bill: it's on, it's off. it's on??

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Friday UPDATE from The Washington Times: 

House Republicans resurrected their border bill Friday morning and said they were on track to pass the rewritten measure later in the day — though with the Senate gone for the summer the vote will be more a political statement than a policy-making exercise.
Read the rest here.  

From Tea Party Patriots on the constantly changing status of a border bill:

[Patriots] did a great job stopping the border bailout, but it was only temporarily. The House Republicans met this afternoon to discuss plans on how to proceed, the House Rules Committee met this evening to ensure that a rule is in place that will allow them to bring a bill to the floor and vote on it in the same day tomorrow, and the House Leadership is working tonight to have a new bill ready to go, possibly be the House Republican Conference meeting in the morning at 9am EDT.

There is no word yet on what we may expect to see in the new bill, but we will keep you updated as we hear of any new developments. You can check our call to action page for updates as we get them.

In the meantime, call the following people and your own Representative and tell them that any border bill that doesn't address the President's overreach of executive amnesty is not good enough. Go ahead and call tonight and leave a message and then call again first thing in the morning.

Speaker John Boehner | 202-225-6205
Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy | 202-225-2915
Majority Whip Steve Scalise | 202-225-3015

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