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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

RNC Picks Cleveland for 2016 National Convention

For Immediate Release

Date: Jul-09-14

Contact: Ralph King

2016 GOP National Convention in Democrat Stronghold of Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland --  Far from a bastion of conservatism, and in the Democrat's stronghold in Ohio, the RNC has chosen to host their 2016 GOP National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

The announcement of Cleveland, Ohio being the host city may come as a surprise to many living outside the Cleveland area. But thanks to the hard work, dedication and outstanding presentation of the Cleveland Host Committee, the RNC Site Selection Committee could not have made a better choice.

In stepping outside their comfort zone, the RNC’s bold decision to host the 2016 GOP National Convention in Cleveland, the Democrats backyard in Ohio, shows not only the importance of Ohio in the Presidential election, but also the importance of the vastly outnumbered grassroots conservatives in the northeast Ohio region.

"We are thrilled the RNC has chosen to host the 2016 GOP National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. We welcome them with open arms and look forward to helping make this the best GOP convention ever," stated Ralph King, Co-Founder of the Cleveland Tea Party Patriots.

“In view of the recent primary in Mississippi and the ongoing battle to restore core conservative values in the GOP," continued King,  "this will be a great opportunity for the RNC & Chairman Priebus to show to conservative grassroots activists that they understand that without our support and involvement, victory in 2016 will not be possible."

Currently in formal negotiations with the RNC, the official announcement of Cleveland as the host city is expected to be made at the RNC's meeting in August.

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