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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Updates on Protests in Ohio against amnesty, illegal immigration, and the border surge

Photo credit: mysanantonio.com and Breitbart Texas

From the Mansfield Tea Party, following up on Ohio Tea Party and conservative patriots' opposition to the border surge:

We are witnessing a well planned and systematic invasion of our country, and must be vocal and visible in our opposition.
This week, over 30 Ohio tea party and liberty groups signed a letter to Governor Kasich, insisting he remain strong against proposals to dump illegals in the state of Ohio click here to read the letter. Information regarding this letter was also sent to state and national media outlets.
Additionally, as State Co-coordinators for Tea Party Patriots in Ohio, Ralph King and I issued a press release stating our support of the above mentioned letter (click here to read our statement).  This press release was also sent to state and national media outlets.
In working with other Tea Party Patriot State Coordinators, it is our intent that these letters and press releases will be used across the country in clearly stating American citizens' opposition to the influx and dumping of illegal aliens.

What You Can Do
Sign the Petition to Governor Kasich
Ohio residents are encouraged to join us and sign our petition to Governor Kasich telling him to stand strong and resist federal relocation of illegal aliens to Ohio here.  
Following is some of the language used in the petition:
"This petition concerns the illegal immigration crisis happening on our southern border, in which a massive influx of immigrants is seeking unauthorized entry to the United States. In addition to our outrage over the deliberate role the federal government is taking in this effort that violates our immigration laws, there are serious concerns regarding the government's attempts to relocate illegal aliens in states across the U.S., including Ohio..."
Please feel free to forward this information to others who are in opposition of illegal immigration and amnesty for people who continue to break our laws.

Be Visible in Your Opposition
From our friends at Ohio Citizens for Sensible Immigration:
Americans to protest in Chardon and Cleveland
to coincide with
Against Immigration Reform,
Amnesty, and Border Surge

Chardon, OH
At the intersection of 
Cherry Avenue & Center Street (RT.44)
Friday, July 18th 11:00am-1:00pm

Cleveland / Garfield Hts., OH
At the I-480 & Turney Road Overpass (on the Overpass)
Saturday, July 19, 11:00am - 4:00pm

Americans want our immigration laws enforced and our borders secured!  Amnesty is unacceptable.  Please join us this Friday with appropriate signs and/or flags!

For more protests taking place in Ohio, go here.

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