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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cuyahoga County Councilwoman Sunny Simon say's "Who Cares how County Spending will Impact Residents' Lives"

When pushing for her proposed country-wide 5 cents per bag plastic bag tax in 2012, County Councilwoman Sunny Simon is on the record as stating she "wants to see how far she can go to impact residents' lives." 

But as you see below when it comes to accountability, transparency or being a good steward of your tax dollars - with almost an air of indifference, Simon pretty much says, "she doesn't care how far county agencies spending of tax dollars will impact residents' lives."


John J. Currid (216) 502-0914


South Euclid, July 21, 2014 - Cuyahoga County Council nominee John J. Currid praised the Cuyahoga County Council for taking a bipartisan step last week to control county spending by passing Cuyahoga County Ordinance 2014-0013.

The ordinance utilizes a common-sense approach to budget oversight by requiring County agencies to provide a detailed request for additional appropriation, itemize their service and program budgets, establish formal budget milestones and timelines, and document proposed staffing levels for all new programs and services for all internally requested taxpayer funds.

Prior to the passage of this Ordinance the County Executive and other County departments could spend taxpayers’ funds without Council’s oversight. This law was passed with overwhelming bipartisan support although it was not was not passed unanimously. According to Currid: “Councilwomen Sunny Simon once again showed indifference to protecting the taxpayers of Cuyahoga County. She was the only member of Council to vote against Ordinance 2014-0013. Ms. Simon’s initial comments on the ordinance were unsuitably brief: ‘I am going to be voting ‘no’ on this piece of legislation.’ She did not articulate any reason for being against such clearly-needed legislation that was ultimately supported by every other member of Council.”

Under questioning, Ms. Simon later suggested the ordinance was unnecessary, saying she and her colleagues already had the power and oversight to request this information without the need of additional legislation. However, Councilman Dave Greenspan, one of the co-sponsors of the ordinance, provided examples of approximately $30 million in spending by the Executive in which Council’s request for additional information were ignored by the Executive. This money was spent by the administration without the oversight of Council, and under Ms. Simon’s watch.

Currid concluded: “It is clear that Ms. Simon does not have the taxpayer’s best interests in mind. This ordinance requires that Cuyahoga County offices utilize basic accounting and budgetary tools, instruments that are learned in 101-level accounting classes. One must ask what Ms. Simon’s motivation would have been to vote against this ordinance, especially when all ten of her colleagues voted in favor.”


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