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Friday, August 13, 2010

Kucinich get's a "Left-Handed" Slap by the White House

After a public slapping by the White House in which WH Press Secretary Robert Bob Gibbs stated --

"....the "professional left" would only be happy "when we have Canadian healthcare and we've eliminated the Pentagon." He added, "They wouldn't be satisfied if Dennis Kucinich was president."

-- Dennis Kucinich, the out of touch with his constituents & up for reelection Congressman, takes issue with Gibbs attacking the professional liberals in this country and claims that though they, the professional liberals, DO support President Obama's progressive agenda and shredding of the Constitution, they want him to move even more to the left....
Kucinich responded, "I think that Mr. GibbsText Color and the White House need to realize that liberals support the president, but the criticism is really a measure of hopes that have not been realized."

The main issue at hand is the nation's persistently high unemployment levels, Kucinich said. "Until the administration effectively addresses that, those of us who call ourselves liberals are going to continue to insist we should be talking about a full employment economy," he said.

Kucinich said that the government can still play a transformational role during a tough economic period, as it did under President Franklin Roosevelt -- if President Obama provides the leadership to make it happen.

Liberals' dissatisfaction with Mr. Obama stems from "the intention to make sure [their goals] get realized while we have a president we do want to support," Kucinich said.

Pledging his support for President Obama, and still thankful for his souvenir bag of Presidential Peanuts on his Air Force One ride in exchange for his support of the health care bill, Kucinich will not challenge PBO for the party nomination in 2012.

As we can see, Dennis Kucinich is still out of touch with the people he is supposed to represent -- the voters in District 10 -- and is more concerned in representing his professional liberal friends in Hollywood.

In his reelection bid, Kucinich is facing Peter Corrigan (http://corriganforcongress.com/).

Corrigan faces an uphill funding battle and the question in this race is will District 10 voters allow their vote to be bought by the big money professional liberals in Hollywood that routinely fund Kucinich's campaign coffers?

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