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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The 2012 election cycle: What Can A Patriot Do?

Michelle Malkin’s column today explored voter fraud facts and fictions. And she points us to opportunities for an active citizenry to make a difference:

"… The solution is to get off the couch, support election integrity activists like [James] O’Keefe, and turn out in force on Election Day to eject Obama’s voter fraud coddlers. Like the old saying goes: If it ain’t close, they can’t cheat. * * *

"More election integrity activists you should support: Election Law Center, King Street Patriots and True the Vote. Words of wisdom [from True The Vote]:

"We at True the Vote believe that the best safeguard against any potential problems in our elections is an active, organized, educated citizenry who are willing to take personal responsibility, stand in whatever gaps in our electoral system exist, and work to improve them. Now is not the time for panic. Let’s get some answers, figure out what’s going on, then spread the word. ...
"Here’s how you can help:
"... Commit to get involved, to volunteer at the polls, to record the final vote tallies at the polls where you work, to track those tallies, make sure they are being accurately reported, and be prepared to take meaningful and swift action if breaches are found to exist. We won’t change the electoral process until we are willing to roll up our sleeves and take responsibility for it. Sustained responsibility."

If you would like information about local True The Vote initiatives, or plan to sign up as a poll-watcher when voting begins, e-mail Cleveland Tea Party Patriots at clevelandteaparty@gmail.com

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