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Friday, May 4, 2012

A Tea Party Patriots (OH) Salute to Ohio Law Enforcement

Date: 5/4/12

For Immediate Release

Contact: Ralph King

A Salute to Ohio Law Enforcement:
FBI deserves big Thumbs Up

Cleveland, Ohio - The Federal Bureau of Investigation earned a huge “job well done” from all Ohioans for the precise and efficient strike against a domestic terrorists group who allegedly attempted to destroy a bridge near Cleveland.

Ohio tea partiers are encouraging all citizens to praise the FBI and local law enforcement for the outstanding job they do every day. Tea Party Patriot State Co-Coordinator Ralph King said, “we have just witnessed excellence in achievement from the finest law enforcement people in the world.”

Many of us in the Cleveland area were shocked to discover on April 30th, 2012, on a typical Monday evening, the FBI arrested five men involved in a conspiracy to blow up a bridge that may have injured and killed people and would have had a destructive impact on travel and interstate commerce and therefore our struggling economy. "It's instances of violence such as this that continue to set tea party members and supporters apart as peaceful, respectful and reasonable citizens protesting an excessive and over reaching government," said Marianne Gasiecki, State Co-Coodinator for the Tea Party Patriots.

All too often, honorable institutions like the Federal Bureau of Investigation have been wrongly criticized, often for political purposes. It is time for an honest look at a great law enforcement body with important accomplishments during some of the most trying times of this great nation. For more than a hundred years the FBI has served tirelessly to fill the gaps between local laws, dealing mostly with criminal activity across State lines.

The FBI and local law enforcement personnel were on the job while the rest of us went about our business without a clue as to what the conspirators were planning. Because of the tireless efforts of honorable men and women serving in law enforcement the attackers were under surveillance from the beginning, and the public was never in danger. The FBI has once more demonstrated its expertise in carrying out the FBI mission to protect our communities, businesses and our lives. Thank you FBI and God Bless you.

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